“Crow’s Foot” Sonora Review, Flash Fiction Contest Finalist, Issue 75 

“Jenny and the Squid” Sonora Review Online

“Ebenezer, Ebenezer”The Masters Review, Spring 2018 Flash Fiction Contest Winner

“Ad Astra”Beecher’s Magazine (now LandLocked), Issue 9

“Blood Sister”Wildness, Issue 14

“Terminal”Nat. Brut, Issue 10

“Annalise’s Turtle”Stirring: A Literary Collection, Vol. 19 Issue 3



“Killing Jenny with my Fungus Hands”
“Jenny, Choking on her Family Tree”Underblong, Issue 3 

“Ghost Cento” Everyone is Asleep but Me: A Collaborative Investigation of Night



Eldur og Blek Interview Series – Full transcripts available here, excerpts published in The Reykjavík Grapevine

“Outside the Margins”The Margins, July 2016



“Transmissions from Another Body” with Rainie Oet and Nick Greer – Interactive Text, The Map is Not the Territory, 2019

Cover art and illustrations for No Mark Spiral by Rainie Oet – Mixed Media, CutBank Press, 2018