Publications and Projects

“…she finds herself in front of one of the carousels, joining the throng of travelers. For a second, she imagines that she’s one of these people—coming and going, coming and going, for no other reason than the fact that they need to keep moving.” – from “Terminal”


“Crow’s Foot” The Sonora Review, Flash Fiction Contest Finalist, Issue 75 (Forthcoming)

“Ebenezer, Ebenezer”The Masters Review, Spring 2018 Flash Fiction Contest Winner

“Ad Astra”Beecher’s Magazine (now LandLocked), Issue 9

“Blood Sister”Wildness, Issue 14

“Terminal”Nat. Brut, Issue 10

“Annalise’s Turtle”Stirring: A Literary Collection, Vol. 19 Issue 3



“Killing Jenny with my Fungus Hands”
“Jenny, Choking on her Family Tree” – Underblong, Issue 3 (Forthcoming)

“Ghost Cento”Everyone is Asleep but Me: A Collaborative Investigation of Night



Eldur og Blek Interview Series – Full transcripts available here, excerpts published in The Reykjavík Grapevine

“Outside the Margins”The Margins, July 2016



Cover art and illustrations for No Mark Spiral by Rainie Oet – Mixed Media, CutBank Press (Forthcoming)